• Edition 1 | Tingle
    Edition 1 | Tingle
    Edition 1 | Tingle
    Edition 1 | Tingle
    Edition 1 | Tingle

    Edition 1 | Tingle

    सामान्य कीमत $450.00 $0.00 यूनिट मूल्य प्रति

    Full of pastel dreams, her mind drifts away to the sea and streams. The purest of pastel tails, She is the Tingle.

    Made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex double-knit scuba fabric, Our tails are made for chlorinated water, sea water and fresh water!
    Our tails have a hidden zipper down the side to ensure easy access of your suitable monofin and vinyl casing.
    The vinyl casings included are 1mm of vinyl that have openings for your velcro to ensure no movement happens when wearing your monofin. Our tails also have an elastic waist band.

    Fluke: Kingyo

    RECOMMENDED MONOFINS: Mahina, Finis Shooter, Finis Wave, Finis Rapid, Mermaid Linden Body Glove.

    Our tails are made to order, this means there will be a 6 - 10 week turnaround plus postage! Postage prices will be created once your tail is in the cart.

    Hand wash or gentle wash at 30 degrees or lower, do not tumble dry, avoid hanging your tail due to unnecessary stretching. Be careful with certain sunscreens, sunscreens may damage your tail.

    Safety is the most important part about any mermaiding activities. Whilst our tails are made for swimming in water with an acceptable monofin, precautions should always be a top priority. Our tails are for confident swimmers only aged 18 or higher. Do not swim alone at any time, always have a support person with you. Our tails are not life saving aids or devices. Neverland Tails are not responsible for injury or death associated with unsafe use of our products.  

    Proudly Made in Australia.
    Neverland Tails.